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The Civil War

The Battle of Gettysburg
Daily Life of a Soldier
Role Of African Americans During The Civil War
Role of Women
Pea Ridge
Key People
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The battle of Gettysburg was perhaps the most important battle of the Civil War. The battle took place in July in the year 1863. There were many different parts to the battle of Gettysburg.

The batte of Gettysburg was very bloody. Soldiers from the Union had an advantage. They had the "little round top". This was essential for the win of this battle. The little round top could see the whole entire battlefeild and had a clean shot to any of it. However, the Union made a foolish mistake. They abandoned it and the South army began moving in. The North realizes this just in time and gets back to it and secures it.


In this battle, Robert E. Lee led his confederate troops towards Pennsylvania. Im response to this, Abraham Lincoln replaced General Joseph Hooker with General George Mead.

Little Round Top
This is Little Round Top. The North had it and they had an advantage. They can see the whole battle.

Drawing of the Battle
This is how close together they were in some areas. This was an intense battle.

The battle and the Gettysburg Address

Both the Union and the Confederacy lost very many men in the Battle of Gettysburg. The Union still came through to win it. Abraham then gives the "Gettysburg Address". In that, he dedicates some of the battlefield as a cemetary for killed soldiers of Gettysburg. He also states that this is the start of a new nation. Also that this battle was essential for the Civil War. He says that this is a new birth of freedom. However, even though he is on the Union side, Lincoln still is pained by the confederate deaths. He still see's the entire nation as his people reguardless of what people say. To him, its all one country and they are his people. He doesn't like to see them dying. However, he has to move on and fight to get his country back together again.

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