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The Civil War

Strategies for the Union and Confederacy
Daily Life of a Soldier
Role Of African Americans During The Civil War
Role of Women
Pea Ridge
Key People
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The Union and Confederacy had very similar strategies.

At the beginning of the Civil war, both the Union and Confederacy needed to find ways to win the war. They were thinking of strategies that would help them best.

The generals on both Union and Confederacy had the same basic millitary training and the same thoughts of how a war should be faught. They did this based on the General "Napoleon". The armies studied what he did and what mistakes he made. He was a great military leader. The armies thought if they did everything like him and didnt make the same mistakes, they could be just as great.

Army attacking using a lying down strategy


This army is thinking about their strategy. Their strategy is to lay down from far away from the target and shoot. This gives them less of a chance of being hit. This is only one of countless strategies. It all depends on what kind of attack they are involved in and what it takes to win. It is not easy to think up really good strategies of war that really work.


One of the strategies that they used was to spread camps apart from the enemy. If the enemy has a camp and is ready to take over a place, make your camp away from them so there is no chance of them destroying your camp. Robert E. Lee studied Napoleon's tactics also. He learned to concentrate armies to weaker points. If he takes out weaker points all over, then the army as a whole strong unit becomes weaker. That is when they have a better chance of winning. This was brilliant and very effective.

Another strategy was a moving army. If the army turned in a neat marching fashon while still facing the same way and shooting at the same opponent, the opponent will be forced to adjust. This will make the enemy vulnerable. He also had in mind that in moving and turning, the army could see more oncoming threats. This was genius.