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The Civil War

The Daily Life of a Soldier
Daily Life of a Soldier
Role Of African Americans During The Civil War
Role of Women
Pea Ridge
Key People
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How did a Civil War soldier do it? It must have been very frustrating being a soldier.

The average Civil War soldier saw action on the battle feild one in thirty days, if not less. Therefore, they were very bored all of the time.

Description of a Civil War soldier's daily life

The generals did not want any clumsy marching. They wanted it perfect. So, they had the soldiers train constantly. It was extremely exausting, but the soldiers got good at marching. This got very boring though, doing the same thing all of the time every day.


The soldiers had to find their own means of entertainment. They did things like sing, play cards, play board games, they invented baseball, they drank, and wrote letters. They were so desperate to see their family, that everyone got so excited to see the mail man. When people did not get any mail, they turn away in tears.