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The Civil War

The Battle Of Pea Ridge
Daily Life of a Soldier
Role Of African Americans During The Civil War
Role of Women
Pea Ridge
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The Battle of Pea Ridge is a big part of the Union win in the Civil war. They gain valuable territory and the Mississippi River

Pea Ridge and The Mississippi River

The Battle of Pea Ridge was a very important battle. It took place in Northwest Kansas. General Van Dorn commanded the Confederate troops, and the Union general was Major General Samuel Curtis. Van Dorn's attack was successful on the Union at first, but the Union soon there after launched a more powerful counter attack that gave them victory and secured the missouri territory and the Mississippi River for them. 


The Battlefeild of Pea Ridge

The Battle of Pea Ridge was not a wide open battle feild.In fact, most of the fighting took place in a small town on an even smaller battle feild. Both sides were pretty close. The Picture below really shows that. The soldiers were very brave to stay standing and try to fight even though soldiers were dying very quickly.

Picture of the Battle of Pea Ridge
The picture above shows what part of the battle may have looked like