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The Civil War

The Role of Women During the Civil War
Daily Life of a Soldier
Role Of African Americans During The Civil War
Role of Women
Pea Ridge
Key People
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The Women really step it up during this war.

The women usually have certain jobs in the household as do the men. When the men leave for war, the women have to do their jobs, as well as the mans jobs. This is a major change for the women.

The jobs that they have to do might include things food, taking care of children, keeping the house clean, getting food, making money, and provide for the children all at once. thats not nearly all of what the women had to do. Some were even forced to become nurses for the wounded and dying soldiers.

Nurse Ann Bell tends wounded Soldiers

What a job!

This illustrates what it would look like for a women to be nursing wounded and dying soldiers. Some women were forced to do this. When they were running low on nurses, they recruited more. This was the only way of hpefully keeping soldiers on the battlefeild.

New Found Hope?

The women start using their heads. They say, "Hey, if we can do all that the men can do on top of all that we already have to do, shouldn't we be equal to them? Shouldn't we be able to vite?"

They really try to prove a point. The women never knew how hard the men's jobs were, and so they always kept their mouth shut about voting even though they wanted to vote more than anything. Now that they know what the men's jobs are like and how good they are at them, they want to vote and they don't see any reason why they can't.

The war can be going on right outside the house, but the women stay in and do their jobs.